Stump Jumper Boat Motor - Kipp Kirkland photo

Bill’s Engineering,

Thank you for making the order and assembly process flawless for me. The engine is working perfectly and far exceeds my expectations. Again, thank you for all the hard work that went into the motor. I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come!

Kipp Kirkland



Stump-Jumper: Small, beautiful…and powerful.

Since I bought this Stump-Jumper longtail motor earlier this summer, I spent most of my vacations in local marshes fishing for perch and bass. Though I was not very successful at fishing (!), I must admit that most of my fun came from running what could be called a true workhorse, in shallow waters (you could not figure how shallow sometimes), rock rivers, sandy holes, stumps and weeds. I must tell you right away that this little motor here delivered much more than what I expected.

Given that speed is not my priority, I am content with the 11 MPH I can reach in my 14-foot Tracker Jon Boat (140 lb), with two big guys, fishing gear and a cooler (for liquid sustenance) aboard. But what impresses the most is the huge push this motor could provide with such a load (700 pounds, including motor and boat) in terrible conditions. In one particular case, it became obvious that the boat would heavily drag in a sandy dune we had no choice to cross if we wanted to reach a hard-to-access bass honey hole. And that is when I really got impressed for the first time. My friend saying, “You’re not really going to cross there, are you?”, I felt confident we could make it through the 300 foot long sand bank covered with just 6 inches of water. “Of course, we’ll give it a try”, I replied. Worst-case scenario would be to get off the boat and wade the dune while pulling the boat.

So I went full-throttle towards the bank and never released the throttle handle. By itself, without commanding it, the motor tail went deep into the sand and pushed, just like a workhorse, the heavy load through the bank, while we could hear the sand severely rubbing the bottom of the boat. At mid-bank, I could see my fishing buddy’s worried face changing into a euphoric one. He could not believe what he was just witnessing. The motor was just doing its job, pushing us at an estimated 4 mph and never failing. Seeing the muddy sand being violently pushed out of the propeller was just gorgeous. You can bet I felt pretty proud of my machine that day.

All experiences I made through weed, rocks and stumps were certainly not that tough for the motor, but in all cases after that day, I could feel I could do almost anything I wanted, the only limitations being what the Jon boat could handle, not the motor. I must say that the little Subaru engine is a hell of a horse, it always starts at first time and it purrs like a cat, even on idle, given that the throttle handle is adjusted properly. As for the hard steel machined propeller, it showed to be indestructible, just like the shaft assembly. The protection plate welded under the propeller has been very useful (there is no paint left on mine now), avoiding severe potential damage in rocky and stumpy situations. As for the cavitation plate, it does an outstanding work by keeping the propeller at perfect depths whether on idle or full-throttle. It took me awhile to learn that there is no need to control the tail. In fact, I just had to let the motor work by itself and to limit my driving to right or left.

Trailering the Stump-Jumper

As for transportation, I usually just swivel the tail inside the Jon and secure the motor to the boat, wrapping an old life vest around the shaft to avoid metal friction. On longer rides, though, or an really rough terrain, I just tie the motor in my pickup truck, in order to avoid putting too much pressure on the John’s transom.

All in all, you can believe me that this motor is not short of sturdy. Check the oil on a regular basis, make sure the inner shaft is always greased properly, fill with gas, and let the Stump-Jumper do the job for you. Go fishing and duck hunting in places where nobody else can, just like I do.

Of course, I could have chosen a bigger engine if speed was my main concern. But at just 70 pounds for the whole Subaru/Shaft assembly, I went for maneuverability, lightness and reliability. Bottom line, I chose the perfect rig to just “get me there”.

Take my word. Since I’m usually pretty “tough on machinery”, I’m really impressed with this li’l workhorse. And I’m also confident it will take me anywhere I want to go. Whether my fishing buddy agrees or not.

Luc Lapierre (Quebec, Canada)


“Thought I would drop a note in the mail to let you know how happy I am with your mud motor. I purchased a small mud motor from you in November lf last year and installed a 5.5 inter motor on it. The motor pushes my 14′ duck boat in 2″ of water with no problems. Thank you.”

Mike F.


Stump Jumper Boat Engine for Duck Hunting - Gary Maroczik

My all time favorite duck hunting rig has been my Grumman Sport boat.

The motor of choice for that set-up is the Subaru powered Stump Jumper manufactured by Bill’s Engineering. I have been running that Stump Jumper for six hunting seasons without a problem.

The motor I believe is the lightest on the market for the horsepower. The transom mounting system is Simple and allows me to remove the motor from the boat with a simple pull of a pin.

It starts without fail on the first or second pull, even when the temps are below freezing.

Seals remain intact and my Only repairs-replacements have been a throttle cable that was damaged while moving stuff in my garage and a new prop that after six hunting seasons had served me well. Bill from Bill’s Engineering was Prompt and Courteous in helping me with those repairs.

I have used that motor on other boats as well but I like the Grumman-Stump Jumper combination the best. I have shared my Trial and Errors with other boats with Bill and he is always interested in my results and shares with me what other people are using. Different applications for many different folks.

The Bottom Line is, my Subaru powered Stump Jumper has been Flawless and an Excellent investment in a Harsh environment. It gets me out there and it gets me back!

Gary Maroczik”Boots”


Stump Jumper boat hunting in action

I tell everyone thinking about buying a layout to buy a stump jumper to run it. I have two Momarsh DPs and I  tow the second one behind me without issue thanks to your motor. – Ryan