6-3/4" x 5" Stainless Steel Prop
6-3/4″ x 5″ Stainless Steel Propeller

Bill at Bill’s Engineering designs and manufactures the boat propellers that are used with the Stump-Jumper mud motors. The mud motor propellers that are on the Stump-Jumper were specifically designed for the 7HP engine to provide optimal performance.

The Stump-Jumper boat engine propeller is a top of the line performer for the backwater enthusiast. Bill’s Engineering spent years designing, testing and perfecting the newest of mud motor propellers with a process which provides clone-like production in every propeller; same size, same shape, same thickness and perfectly balanced. The 6-¾” x 5″ is ideal for motors 5.5hp to 7hp. Poured of 15-5 stainless steel with thicker blades for longer wear, and hardened to Rockwell 40 for durability and toughness. Deep cupped blades provide real mud biting performance and weed shedding qualities to ensure you keep moving forward. Standard ¾ 10 NC size threads fit any other mud motor. Field testing has proven that boats get on plain faster using the Stump-Jumper shallow water boat propeller.


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Prop Shown on Frame
Propeller Shown on Frame