Stump Jumper Instructions

The frame assembly for the stump-jumper mud motor will be sent with all the fasteners, transom clamp, and the assembly manual step-by-step instructions.

Other engines compatible with Stump-Jumper frame kits
are listed below the 5 step instructions.

Complete package

Tools needed for boat motor and frame assembly:

  • 1/8″ Allen wrench for the coupling set screws
  • 1/4″ Allen wrench for the face plate fasteners
  • Two 1/2″ wrenches for the tiller handle support fastener and transom clamp fastener
  • 9/16″ wrench for tiller handle bolt
  • Ball peen hammer for installing square key in crankshaft’s keyway
  • 5/16″ drill bit and drill for securing the transom clamp to the boat
  • #2 Phillips screw driver for installing throttle cable
  • Something to trim excess zip tie end
  1. Tip the engine on its recoil cover, so that the crankshaft is vertical. You can put a rolled up towel under the air cleaner cover or use some of the cardboard packing that comes in the engine’s box. This will stabilize the engine.
  2. The frame is ready to be installed on the engine. The set screws need to be backed out enough so that they don’t interfere when sliding the coupling over the crank shaft. Align the crankshaft key and the coupling key way slot up. This will make it easier for putting the frame and engine together. The engine and the frame are together. There are four Allen wrench fasteners (socketed head cap screws) for the face place and one 5/16″ bolt for the tiller handle support. The tiller handle support bolt and nut should be snug, but not tight. Snug and tighten the face plate fasteners in a cross corn pattern and then tighten the tiller handle support bolt.
  3.  The coupling set screws are ready to be tightened. After set screws are tight, roll the rubber cover over the set screws and secure with a zip tie. Copy the other side. The excess rubber doesn’t need to be trimmed.
  4. Tiller handle may be tight in the receiver. Loosen bolt and tap to free from the receiver. Install the tiller handle in the desired position and tighten the tiller handle bolt. Route and secure throttle cable to the engine’s throttle control.
  5. Install transom clamp on the boat. Center the clamp on the transom and use the 5/16″ drill bit to mark where the bolt hole will be drilled through transom of the boat. Remove the transom clamp before drilling the hole. Drill hole at the same angle of the transom or 90 degrees to the surface.  When drilling the hole through, put a little down ward force on the drill. This will prevent the drill bit from walking up. You can always ream and raze hole for a tight transom clamp fit. If the hole is high the clamp will rock back a forth on the bolt.  Make sure the clamp is tight to the top of the boat transom and the outside of the transom.

Set up is complete!

Other boat engines compatible with Stump-Jumper frame kits.


Engine    HP@RPM       FT-LBS@RPM      (lbs) 
Predator 210 N/AN/A 9.00@ N/A 33.4
Intek™ 9.00 N/AN/A 9.00@ N/A 33.4  
Briggs Intek™ 8.50 N/A 8.50@ N/A 33.4
Briggs Vangaurd™ 5.5hp 5.5@ N/A N/A 34
Briggs Vangaurd™ 6.5hp 6.5@ N/A N/A 34
Honda GC190 5.2@3600 8.3@2500 29.1
Honda GX200 5.5@3600 9.1@2500 35.3
Kawasaki FE170D 5.5@3600 8.1@2800 37
Kohler Command Pro CH270 7@3600 9.15@ N/A 38.71
Kohler Courage SH265 6.5@3600 9.1@ N/A 35.3
Kohler Command Pro CS6 6@3600 9.6@ N/A 35.2
Subaru-Robin EX17 5.7@4000 8.34@2500 33
Subaru-Robin EH17-2 6.0@4000 7.88@2600 35
Subaru-Robin EX21 7.0@4000 10.26@2500 35