Stump-Jumper 6.5 and 7 HP Frame Kit

Stump-Jumper Mud Motor”Frame Kits” include everything you need except the engine, oil and gas.

This is an economical choice for those who want to use their own engine for shallow water boating. Any horizontal shaft engine with a 2.55-2.57” bolt pattern and shaft height of 4.17” will bolt to the frame, and the E-Z setup coupler accepts 3/4″ shafts. Includes easy to follow step by step instruction manual and assembly is quick and easy requiring no special tools. With the Stump-Jumper  frame kit you get all the same benefits as the complete.

Stump-Jumper Features

  • Heavy Duty Tubular Frame support Construction ™ 1999 yr
  • Ultra-Reliable Direct Drive ™1999  yr. (the engine takes ZERO thrust unlike competitors)
  • Hollow driveshaft TM 2001 yr., reduces weight by 5 lbs. Stronger then a solid shafts. Hollow driveshafts are used in all rear wheel drive vehicle.
  • Bearing Nut TM. 1999 yr.Part of the lower bearing system. Does 3 things:
    1. Acts as a stop nut for the propeller.
    2. Keeps the seals in spec. (propeller are put out of balance when weeds collect on propeller).
    3. Prevents drive shaft from bending, when takes an impacted from hitting object in the water  ( frame assembly absorbs impact load from propeller) Takes stress away from drive shaft.
  • Propeller 6.75×5 , 15-5 Stainless Steel. Propeller designed by Bill’s Engineering LLc.
  • Low-Maintenance Sealed Bearing
  • Multi-Position Handle Patent Pending
  • Quick-Release Transom Mount ™ ( Stump-Jumper can be removed from your boat in seconds)
  • Twist Grip Throttle standard. Finger throttle lever upon request. (Instructions to merchant) when checking out.
  • Safety Lanyard
  • 3-Year Warranty on Frame. Haven’t replaced any frame assembly or driveshaft in pasted 15 yrs
  • Overall weight is 62 lbs (Engine: 35 lbs; Frame: 27 lbs.)
  • Overall length is 87 inches (tiller handle in transport position or handle removed:  63”)
  • Driveshaft length:  55″



Twist Grip Throttle standard. Finger throttle lever upon request. (Instructions to merchant) when checking out.

Stump-Jumper Frame Kit    $950.00        btn_cart_LG

Stump-Jumper Kit with Cameo cover   $1025.00     btn_cart_LG

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Some other engines that are compatible with Stump-Jumper frame kits.

Engine HP@RPM FT-LBS@RPM (lbs) Link
Predator 210 / Briggs Intek™ 9.00 N/AN/A 9.00@ N/A 33.4 link
Briggs Intek™ 8.50 N/A 8.50@ N/A 33.4 link
Briggs Vangaurd™ 5.5hp 5.5@ N/A N/A 34 link
Briggs Vangaurd™ 6.5hp 6.5@ N/A N/A 34 link
Honda GC190 5.2@3600 8.3@2500 29.1 link
Honda GX200 5.5@3600 9.1@2500 35.3 link
Kawasaki FE170D 5.5@3600 8.1@2800 37 link
Kohler Command Pro CH270 7@3600 9.15@ N/A 38.71 link
Kohler Courage SH265 6.5@3600 9.1@ N/A 35.3 link
Kohler Command Pro CS6 6@3600 9.6@ N/A 35.2 link
Subaru-Robin EX17 5.7@4000 8.34@2500 33 link
Subaru-Robin EH17-2 6.0@4000 7.88@2600 35 link
Subaru-Robin EX21 7.0@4000 10.26@2500 35 link

Because of manufacturing differences some engines may need additional modifications to work properly. Stump-Jumper frame was designed for Subaru EX21 Bill’s Engineering can not guarantee other motors performance with our frame kits.

Names are property of their respective owners. Bill’s Engineering does not imply any endorsement and is not responsible for any cost or damages associated with use of the above listed engines.