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Experience The Backwaters with a Stump-Jumper


The Stump-Jumper drive system is unmatched by NO other manufacture in the industry.

Pasted down from the  V-twin Stump-Jumpers, from the year 1999.

  • Heavy Duty Tubular Frame support Construction ™ 1999 yr.
  • Ultra-Reliable Direct Drive ™1999  yr (the engine takes ZERO thrust unlike competitors)
  • Hollow driveshaft TM 2001 yr., reduces weight by 5 lbs. Stronger than a solid shafts. Hollow driveshafts are used in all rear wheel drive vehicle.
  • Bearing Nut TM. 1999 yr. Part of the lower bearing system Does 3 things: 1. Acts as a stop nut for the propeller.    2. Keeps the seals in spec. (propeller are put out of balance when weeds collect on propeller).  3. And prevents driveshaft from bending, when takes an impacted from hitting object in the water  ( frame assembly absorbs impact load from propeller) Takes stress away from driveshaft.
  • 15-5 Stainless Steel Propeller
  • Low-Maintenance Sealed Bearing
  • Multi-Position Handle TM
  • Quick-Release Transom Mount (Stump-Jumper can be removed from your boat in seconds)
  • Twist Grip Throttle standard. Finger throttle lever upon request. (Instructions to merchant) when checking out.
  • Safety Lanyard
  • 5-Year Warranty on Frame. Haven’t replaced any frame assembly or driveshaft in pasted 15 yrs
  • Overall weight is 62 lbs (Engine: 35 lbs; Frame: 27 lbs.)
  • Overall length is 87 inches (tiller handle in transport position or handle removed:  63”; Drive Shaft length:  55″)

Our Stump-Jumper mud motors are an ideal way to hunt, fish, trap and explore the backwaters that other outboard motors won’t function in. They will go through mud and overgrown weedy waters. The Stump-Jumper is capable of navigating over downed logs and tall cattails as well.

Bill’s Engineering has been perfecting the design and performance of the Stump-Jumper mud motor for over 18 years. This mud motor design has been perfected so much that other manufacturers like following the technology of the Stump-Jumper. Manufactured in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Stump-Jumper mudmotor weighs only 62 lbs and has a 7 hp Subaru engine which is far more superior to any other small engine on the market.

The small frame design of the Stump-Jumper mud motors was passed down from larger v-twin models that had been built over 15 years ago. The competition is just now catching on to the top-quality performance that this mudmotor frame assembly provides. The Stump-Jumper mudmotors hasn’t had any frame replacements or warranties issues in over 14 years, giving you peace of mind when you buy!

The Stump-Jumper long tail mudmotors has international presence in places such as, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Finland, South America, Canada, and more!

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What Our Customers Says

Stump Jumper Testimonial by Aaron

“Had a fun Duck season with the mud motor. It’s worked out awesome!!!! I have 2 other kayaks just like the one I am in, tow my buddies and gear out to the blind. Just wanted to tell you I am super happy with the motor!”